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Rainbow Children’s Speciality hospital Bangalore Review

August 8, 2016 Leave a comment

I have divided the review in to two as I had mixed experience. In the first part I will cover the “Birthright” by Rainbow hospitals which is their maternity specific department and in the second part I will review the Post-Natal Babys treatment.

Date of Delivery: 01-01-2016

Date of Admission: 01-01-2016 12 AM

Date of Discharge for Mother: 03-01-2016

Insurance: United Health care Insurance

Delivery Specific Review


  • Cost. (I opted for a twin sharing room package and generally they dont advertise this package. But I came to know about this package from my wife’s gynaec Dr.Teena Thomas. Not sure why they are not advertising this package.50K INR was the package cost(3 days for c-section, but 5 to 6K additional cost was expected if there are no complication. Final bill came around 59K for me which is surprisingly low as their single room packages starts from 75K and goes till 1 lakh )
  • Good Nursing care. (Nurses in Rainbow hospital were quite helpful and very approachable.)
  • Good quality food for the patient.


  • Cashless hospitalisation is not available for twin sharing rooms.
  • Twin-sharing rooms are very congested and there are no chairs in twin sharing rooms. Fortunately for us, the other bed was free and hence it was ok. If two patients are there then its quite cramped unlike other traditional hospitals which offer twin/three sharing rooms.
  • Cafeteria doesn’t offer food round the clock, only biscuits/coffee are available post 10:00 PM. Breakfast/Lunch/Snacks/Dinner are served only during stipulated time.
  • No food-items are allowed (Exceptions are biscuits. Fruits are also not allowed). This is quite bad, if you have another elder kid or if the patient always needs a bystander for help as the bystander has to go to cafeteria to have food and hence have to leave the patient unattended.
  • Bathroom doors are very heavy so that its really difficult for a patient who just underwent C-section to open the door.
  • Room windows(glass panels) have small gaps through which cold air comes in the night (specific to winter season), I have complained this twice and they were not able to fix and later we filled the gaps with newspaper.
  • Theres a lot of communication gap between different teams in the hospital. Marketing says one thing and the billing will say another. (few such examples are 1)Marketting said they will process the reimbursement from the hospital side for insurance, but when i checked with billing they said its not possible after a call with the marketing finally billing team agreed to process. 2) When I informed customer feedback team about the food not provided for bystander being a difficulty for me as i have to leave the patient unattended for a while to take food, they said you can make a request and they will allow it, but when I asked the guy who serves food, he said its not possible.

New Born Baby Treatment review

Here I was not that much happy because of the below reasons

  1. The bilirubin count for my baby was on the higher side after delivery, generally in other hospitals, they will start phototherapy immediately if the bilurubin count is above 15. But here since the Paedeatriations follow UK style, they did only for one day and then stopped it next day citing it is fine(it was still above 15). Then they asked us to come daily and do a Bilirubin check. It was a difficult one as daily they will prick the new born baby for blood to do the test and considering my wife underwent C-section it was little difficult to travel. This point may be a +ve for some people as the hospital is not insisting on phototherapy to get money, but considering the tension and commute difficulties we faced for the next few days, I would have preferred doing phototherapy for one more day. Eventually I took my baby to another hospital and did the phototherapy there.
  2. Doctors and one nursing staffs were forcing us to take up the New born blood screening even though we said we dont want to do it.

Concluding Remarks

Despite hearing lot of negative feedback in social media, I went ahead with rainbow due to three main reasons.

  1. Doctor: The gynecologist(Dr. Teena Thomas) we were consulting was ready to do the delivery here even though she doesn’t practice here. Infact she was the one who told me that Rainbow has this 50K package, otherwise I was not at all considering this. A big thanks to her as she helped us multiple times with the hospital.(Again she helped for the phototherapy to be done in another hospital)
  2. Proximity: I stay very near to Rainbow hospital. Its just 2km away from my home. So its one of the biggest motivator
  3. Cost: I don’t think that I can get a better nursing care and facilities for 60K in and around Outer ring road bangalore.(Narayana Whitefield do have a package like this, but their rooms and facilities¬†are no match for rainbow’s as rainbow is more modern and new)

For delivery I will definitely recommend this place considering you cant get better nursing care and facilities for this price. But for paedeatrics department, I wouldn’t recommend it as it caused lot of tension for us due to multiple visits to the hospital even after discharge (This is just my personal opinion as I prefer my elder sons pediatrician(Dr. Rani Davis) than the ones in rainbow as we felt she is good very good in handling babies/kids and we are more comfortable and confident in her).

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