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Enabling middle button paste in real vnc for MAC

If you are used to vnc to a linux machine using the real vnc viewer for MAC, then for sure you have faced this big question, How do I paste the clipboard content to the xterm window over vnc. I have googled a lot and was not able to find a good solution. Finally I got a great solution from my company’s internal mac-wiki and thought of sharing the same so that others can benefit out of it

Best free VNC viewers for MAC

Before we start of with the tip, lets see some of the free vnc viewers for MAC

1. Real VNC  (Free)

2. Chicken VNC (Free)

3. Jolly fast VNC (trial version can be renewed multiple times)

I have tried all the above 3 and I personally like real vnc the most for being the fastest of all the above 3. besides thats its free which makes it the best. Only problem with real vnc is that pasting the clipboard content over vnc may not work for some applications if you are vncing to linux. One such example is xterm. Xterm doesnt give the option of Paste in the right click context menu. Generally mouse middle button is the shortcut to paste in xterm which doesnt work through MAC.

On the other hand chicken VNC allows to modify the keyboard mappings to work around the above issue which is discussed above. But chiken vnc is very slow compared to real vnc. You will feel the difference when your internet connection speed is very less. In Chicken vnc, you can emulate middle button paste via Option+click on trackpad by changing the below setting

“Go to Connection Menu and select the Connection Profiles: –>Emulation” and change to below


Emulating middle button mouse click in Real VNC

As mentioned above, I prefer Real VNC over others and I needed a solution for middle button mouse click. There came the app called middleclick to your rescue.

Run a small app called middleclick (http://clement.beffa.org/labs/projects/middleclick/). This allows you to emulate the middle button mouse click on a Mac book Pro with a three-finger touch. Then in realVnc options, enable the three-button emulation mode. Once you have this set up, you will be able to cmd-c in your mac and three-finger tap in vnc to paste.

Also do the follwoing as well Go to System Preferences -> Trackpad and uncheck “Look up”

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  1. Vikas Bharal
    April 24, 2018 at 11:16 AM

    Thank you.Took a few searches to get to your post but it was spot on.

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